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Hario V60


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Its cone shape and spiral ribs ensure coffee is brewed slowly and gently. The results are pure poetry – a coffee with a full body that is silky smooth and still gentle enough.


Using the Hario V60 you'll prepare high-quality brews in your own kitchen - without expensive machines. The resulting coffee is a filter-type coffee that presents exceptional aroma without the undesired bitterness. Coffee will never be burnt and you will have complete control over the intensity and body of your cup.


V60 is a cone-shaped tool with characteristic spiral ribs at a 60 degrees angle that ensure the exact right rate of water flow through the bed of coffee beans and the paper filter.


The V60 02 is suitable for preparation of 1 to 4 cups of coffee. 




Additional Information

Suggested use

Be daring when preparing your V60 coffee, experiment and taste untif you find your ideal aroma.


Step 1:

Place the V60 on a cup or server and place a paper filter inside it. Wash the taste of paper from the filter and heat your equipment by pouring some hot water over it. Discard the water and place the V60 back onto your cup.


Step 2:

Weigh 20 grams of coffee and put it in the filter. Shake to level the ground coffee.


Step 3:

Boil water, then wait for 45-60 seconds for it to cool a bit. Pour around 30ml of water gently over the coffee bed and wait for 30 seconds for the coffee to 'bloom'.


Step 4:

Using a kettle with a narrow spout for optimum control, start pouring water over the coffee, starting in the middle and slowly moving towards the walls of the V60 in a spiral motion, never getting closer to the walls than half a centimeter. Pour 300ml of water then wait for it to run through the filter.


Makes two cups of coffee. 

Manufacturer Hario
Price €19.99


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