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AeroPress paper filters 350 pieces


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AeroPress Micro filters ensure that the coffee is clean of grounds producing a smooth, rich, pure, and fast coffee every time.


The Aeropress comes with 350 filter papers which Aeropress claims to be a ‘year’s supply’ but once you’re hooked on your AeroPress we think you’ll find that one coffee a day just isn’t enough! Regardless, life is too short for bad coffee, so stock up before you run out!

Additional Information

Suggested use

1. Measure and Grind

Measure out 17g of coffee using the measuring spoon and grind it.   

2. Prepare

Place a filter in the AeroPress and add the coffee. Place it over a cup. 

3. Add water

Pour hot water (approx. 85 degrees Celsius) over the coffee and stir for 10 seconds.

4. Press

Press down the coffee until you hear a hissing sound.

5. Clean up

Discard the coffee and wash the AeroPress with hot water. 

Manufacturer Aerobie
Price €4.90


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